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What is PNF Stretching?

Stretching is a crucial part of improving your flexibility and range of motion, and reducing your risk of injury, so you can perform the tasks you need to throughout the day. PNF stretching is a technique that can deepen your results by targeting muscle groups and utilizing contraction and release. It stands for Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation which is a mouthful of words but basically means proprioceptive: “sense of movement/body,” neuromuscular: nerves/muscles, and it’s facilitated, made easier–done by a partner to you.

If you come in for our Super Stretch appointment, you will come in stretchy clothes and socks (grippy work best!) and we will warm up your body. We’ll then go through your range of motion and find areas that are tight. You will activate the muscle or the antagonist (opposite) muscle by pushing or pulling, depending on the muscle group, and then release it, followed by your therapist deepening the stretch. Each series will increase your range of motion. You can’t stop there though! Getting a good stretch session in will help you feel taller, more open, more upright! But if you just go back to your normal habits you’re going to find yourself short on progress. Commit to continuing the work at home, and a stretch session can be a great step toward a more flexible future, giving you longevity in your occupation and hobbies.

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