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That’s Steamy!

You’ve heard the buzz about infrared sauna but what does it do anyway? What is it like? Great questions! An infrared sauna uses infrared lamps to heat your body instead of traditional steam. This allows your body to get the same benefits without feeling as hot or wet (or claustrophobic) as a steam sauna treatment. The sauna heats up quickly; you just step inside in a robe or towel, shut the door, sit back and chill… er… heat. This type of heat feels similar to sunbathing. You can read, browse your phone, listen to music or a podcast, meditate, or whatever helps you relax the most. The interior of the sauna is wood, has a bench for you to sit on, cup holders, a radio, Bluetooth connection, and a chromotherapy light.

The heat from the infrared type of sauna is deeply penetrating. Potential benefits include sleeping better, improved circulation, reduced pain/stiffness in muscles and joints, cellulite reduction, boosted immune system, skin detoxification, lower blood pressure and heart rate, improved sense of well-being, increased metabolism, relief from depression and anxiety.

Who should not use an infrared sauna? No negative effects have been reported but those with heart disease or low blood pressure, or a tendency to faint or become dehydrated, should check with their physician first. Pregnant women should not use a sauna.

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