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We run clients back-to-back and try to give each client a private experience. Please don’t arrive more than a few minutes early, but definitely don’t be late or you will be cutting into your own appointment time. The duration listed for your chosen appointment is your TABLE time, we don’t cut you short to clean up like many places! Depending on your service type, we have accounted for the time it takes you to change, get a foot soak, and ask any questions, so there is no need to come early to have time for these things. Please check the details of your service booked so you know the total amount of time to plan on being here. 

We try to keep things as simple as possible, your appointment time is booked for you, and prepayment is required for securing that time. You can reschedule your appointment more than 24 hours in advance through the booking portal. Within 24 hours your appointment cannot be changed or credited towards another. We do not offer refunds after booking. Please do not come if you are sick/contagious. We will try to be reasonable about rescheduling for illness but please do not abuse this! Understand that you are taking money from our family if you cancel and claim to be sick and aren’t.

If P3BW’s therapist has to cancel your appointment for illness or emergency, or should the occasional doula client be laboring and Jade has to cancel, you will be refunded your payment and invited to rebook at no cost. We know it is absolutely frustrating to have an appointment like this be cancelled and want to make sure we do everything we can to make it up to you.

P3BW is located in a beautiful, in-home space that allowed us to fully customize the layout and provide a quiet, peaceful experience for our clients. We are so proud of what we built, ourselves, and have created for you! You won’t have to listen to traffic driving by or loud voices/banging from neighboring businesses. We are working hard on our landscaping so the outside of our home matches the beauty inside but this will be a slow process as we DIY and work enough to keep bills paid in between yard projects. Our space does have a basement entrance which means those that struggle with stairs may have a hard time, we are happy to help you feel stable if assistance is needed, we are not able to accommodate wheelchairs.

The entrance to the business is behind the single car garage bay of our home, there is a parking space directly to the right of the garage. If that space is available please feel free to use it, just be sure to not block the garage itself or other vehicles in case other people need to come and go. On the rare occasion that the driveway parking is not available you are welcome to park along the sidewalk in front of the house.

You can wear as much or as little as you want but most therapists will be able to do their very best work if you are entirely unclothed as anything you wear blocks us from being able to flow from one area to the next and working directly on skin is the most effective approach. Be assured that you will be professionally draped at all times, your chest and pelvic area will never be exposed, and your therapist wants you to feel safe. Your comfort is the top priority. Those that are nervous tend to stay in underwear and we respect that. Sometimes it takes a few times of getting used to it before feeling like you can be fully unclothed.

We are open by appointment only on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays, from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m., we may be able to accommodate last minute (less than 24 hours in advance) appointments or after hours appointments for an additional fee. Please text, call, email, or message on Facebook to inquire about appointments that aren’t available to book online, understand that when we are with clients we cannot answer immediately. Please do not call or text outside of business hours, we need to protect our off-hours and bedtime! No walk-ins.

Some will feel the cost of massage/bodywork services is high! Especially when you look at the average hourly wages in the area. Please understand that the one hour you book for your appointment requires a lot of prep time, clean-up time, laundry time, and the use of consumable products. Additionally, as a self-employed business, we lose a lot to taxes. That said, we have approached this in a way that we can provide the quality of services we expect in a clean, quiet, and professional space, and do everything we can to keep costs down enough that most people will be able to afford coming regularly.

For those that think the price is on the low side, yep, it is! Compared to other similar businesses who are paying high premiums for retail space and need to cover that and the cost of employees, and then have the standard expectation of a 20% tip on top of that rate, we are a bit less. Please do not confuse this with being a new, inexperienced, low-quality, desperate, questionable place to get services. We get it. Normally when something is priced lower than others we get concerned about what we are getting ourselves into. That’s not the case here, we are just super passionate about making this something an average local person can experience regularly rather than an occasional treat. We want it to be as normal as going to the gym and getting groceries, not something you can only do if someone gets you a gift certificate for your birthday.

We have taken the approach of not expecting tips because we feel well-enough compensated to provide these services at the cost listed and we don’t like the head-game and confusion that can result for both the therapist and the client when a tip is expected. This isn’t a food server position at less than $3/hour where tips are necessary to survive. And with all that considered, sometimes we really blow someone away and they feel compelled to offer a tip even though our standard approach is to not expect them to. When this happens, that extra money is used to help lower the costs more for someone who really needs the services but just cannot get it in the budget right now. If you fall into that category just reach out and we’ll get it sorted.

 P3BW is focused on the needs of women during preconception, pregnancy, postpartum, and beyond, as that is our passion. All are welcome, but we do not offer sports or injury recovery types of massage, couples massage, mobile/outcall/traveling services, deep tissue/pressure work to the point of risking injury to our therapists or clients, or anything considered to be for sexual purposes.

We are passionate about the needs of our most vulnerable people, the mothers. But we love everyone! Clients 16-18 need signed parent permission for a private session, while clients under 16 need a parent present to receive services.

Short answer: anyone advised not to by their medical providers. Those with an acute injury or recent surgery, uncontrolled hypertension or blood clots,  those with liver/kidney issues, and those undergoing cancer treatments, as well as those with high-risk pregnancies, should all get clearance from a medical provider first. We refuse services to those with a contagious illness or skin condition, or those under the influence of alcohol or drugs. If you have sensitivities or allergic reactions to any types of essential oils, coconut oil, lotions, or other skin products, please let us know so we can find things that will be safe for you. We consider it to be your responsibility to know whether or not massage is a safe option for you.

Alone Time is a special service unique to our business for established clients. It is access to our zero-gravity chair, infrared sauna, dessert fridge/freezer, and jetted tub/shower for those that just need to escape from the world a little and aren’t looking for a full massage experience, or want to add on to their regular massage appointment with this extra time. This can be booked outside of our regular business hours or overlapping with clients but needs to be coordinated in person to confirm proper availability. Please reach out to confirm a time and then you can book and pay online.

Some people are advised not to, or prefer not to, receive massage while pregnant, especially in the first trimester. There has been no evidence that massage while pregnant increases the risk of miscarriage but some prefer to avoid it just in case and we respect that. Our practice specializes in prenatal massage which doesn’t just mean, “sure we can massage a pregnant woman,” it means we have extensive additional knowledge and skills for pregnancy, and additionally we have a high-end hydraulic table and pregnancy cushions that allow for tummy-down and face-up massage in a comfortable and safe manner. Most of our pregnant clients ask us to let them just fall asleep overnight on the table, it’s so comfy! We expect our clients to communicate about their individual needs, comfort levels, and any potential issues during pregnancy such as blood clots, preeclampsia, gestational diabetes, or other issues that may affect the safety of massage. Consider your ability to be in one position when you are determining how long to book your session, and feel free to let us know if you need to take a bathroom break, move around, adjust cushions or temperature, etc.

Postpartum massage is sooooo beneficial for your recovery! We suggest receiving a massage as soon as you’d like postpartum, even the next day! If you are still bleeding, most people will just wear Depends type disposable undergarments or keep their underwear and pad on during this time. We are not shy about leaking milk, bodily fluids, or anything else delicate about a postpartum woman, you will be respected and well cared for. If you have no way to receive a massage without bringing your baby please contact us and we will work with your needs, baby and all! If you had a cesarean delivery you will need to wait until your incision is healed, and at that point we are happy to teach you about scar tissue massage as well.

We feel that a massage should be on a 7/10 discomfort scale for those areas that need effective treatment. We do not believe in passing that level into the “hurt me so good” range of pain as it not only causes harm to our therapist but it also damages tissues and does more harm than good, despite being a popular approach. It’s not effective long-term and doesn’t resolve chronic muscle pain and knots. Our clients need to take a level of responsibility to stretch, use good body mechanics, and not push themselves to harmful levels of body building, and we aren’t going to put ourselves in pain to help those that don’t do this. That said, we can apply deeper pressure to certain areas that are responding well to it as its eased in, and we can also keep things on a lighter level for those that are more sensitive to pressure and prefer to keep it on a relaxation-only approach. We expect our clients to communicate with us about what is working or not working for them and to not allow pressure to exceed a threshold that just feels like torture.

A great approach to getting the most out of your massage appointment is to make sure you eat 2-3 hours before, have a warm shower right before, and come well hydrated but not with a bursting bladder, also avoid an intense workout the day of your appointment. After your massage you may prefer to take it easy, increase hydration, have an epsom salt soak, and be prepared for a good night of sleep! Avoid alcohol or caffeine after, and avoid an intense workout. Your blood pressure will be lower and your metabolism will be boosted, things you normally do may affect you differently. Overall the most important thing is to listen to your body. Welcome any emotional releases with space and journaling for an upper level experience.

Let us know! We can take a break. We don’t want you to be miserable during your session.


Absolutely not! Benefits of massage include: decreased pain, inflammation, injuries, and stress; increased circulation and metabolism; improved immune function and mood; reduces cortisol and increases serotonin and dopamine; improves overall health, decision making skills, and work performance; reduces anxiety and depression; and increases happiness!! We also think it makes you smarter and better looking!


You do not have to, in fact, it’s a little easier for us to stay focused and tuned in to your body when we can concentrate on the work and not the conversation. We will not ask you about the weather, your weekend plans, or anything else that may feel intrusive or disruptive. That said, some people, especially those that have higher anxiety about receiving massage, may prefer to talk or may even benefit from a little emotional dump and we’re here for that too. Whatever you need.

Our therapist, Jade, is also a highly experienced labor, postpartum, and bereavement doula, as well as a doula trainer and mentor. We have free parent gatherings for our clients to connect to other parents in the community as well as connect to local experts. We hold events and share our classroom space for related services. Check out doulaed for more info on doula work.

(Like drool, pass gas, snore, have hairy legs, ugly moles, etc.?) We have no idea what you are talking about. It didn’t happen.

The term masseuse has unfortunately come to be associated with the types of services that include things of a sexual nature, as well as the term, “massage parlor.” Please use the title massage therapist, and the term massage space, practice, office, or anything but parlor, to help us protect and differentiate what we are offering.

That’s ok! We are determined to have you leave wondering why you waited so long for the first time! During massage we use professional and private draping techniques and only uncover the areas we are working on at the time, we are patient and safe, and we want you to communicate any questions or concerns you have so you can have an absolutely amazing experience.

Would you like info on our free parent circle gathering? Click the QR code and register for details which will be emailed to you. Connect with local parents and experts as you journey through pregnancy, postpartum, and parenting.

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