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i know what it feels like to have a disappointing experience

More than a massage...

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I’ve been getting massage therapy and bodywork for over twenty years. At first it was like most people… an occasional treat or indulgence. I lived with chronic pain and felt limited in what I could accomplish in a day because of it. I didn’t just go get massaged more often because not only were they expensive, but I was also often disappointed by the atmosphere, the therapist, or both!

I started to learn more about the body systems; how massage therapy, stretching, chiropractic care, and other modalities of bodywork can improve not just pain but all functions of the body, and of the mind. I spent years providing amateur massage to my family members and started incorporating some techniques and information into my doula work (check out my website for doula services or doula training: doulaed!)

When the timing and finances became right I was able to enroll in the 30-week program to become a professionally trained and licensed massage therapist. During that time I recognized even more how the details and elements I wanted as a client were lacking at the majority of practices.

I was looking for something that felt like luxury but was affordable, and was more than a relaxation massage; something that combined the effective approach of clinical (less pampering) massage with the comforts and treats of a spa.

I am so excited to be able to present this vision to my community! The focus of P3 is on the needs of women during Pregnancy, Postpartum, and Parenting (but all are welcome). Take care of the mothers; influence the care of future generations!

the therapist

About Jade...

I dream big

I’m not here just to give you a nice visit, I want to change you. Your mood, your stress level, your pain, your mindset, your feelings of being seen and loved, your access to resources, and your view on getting regular bodywork done. And I don’t want you to have to work 4+ hours at your job to pay for one hour with me. 

I host a free parenting group (sign up for our newsletter to get group info), have a thriving practice as a labor and postpartum doula, a childbirth and new parent educator, and a doula trainer/mentor, and volunteer as a bereavement doula when needed. 

My prices are comparable to similar practices in the area while adding extra value, the tip is included so everyone knows exactly what to expect and pre-payment can be made without any confusion or need to carry cash. I’m committed to offer 10% of my revenue to provide lower-priced services for those who are on a tighter budget, but need and deserve bodywork. If you are in that category just reach out to me and you will be taken care of!

education and certifications

Bringing you the best

I have invested heavily into my bodywork education to bring my clients the best comprehensive experience and I will continue to add on new skills and specialities, and keep my knowledge current. I have completed these certifications, trainings, or workshops (and many more for my role as a doula.)

Trainings in progress:

the therapist

About Jade...


I am totally sweet and a little bit (ok a lot) sassy, organized and observant, reliable, hard-working, and generous. I love spending time with people, especially the funny ones. I am a mom of five, have an amazing husband, a beautiful home in Heber, Utah, and a life full of challenge, joy, love, tragedy, and triumph. I stay far away from toxic drama people, peace for the win!

My favorite things are Nutella, baking and cake decorating, flowers, cold nights with hot chocolate and hot nights with frozen hot chocolate, antiques, comedy plays, flowers, newborns, cute clothes, ice skating, anything in miniature size, organizing, graphic design, flowers, vintage dresses and heels, decorating, flowers, bubble baths, massages, I Love Lucy, and flowers. Oh, did I remember to mention flowers? If I could make any dream of mine come true it would be to have a gigantic garden with an insane amount of flowers so I could go out and make a fresh bouquet every day to surprise someone with. I am a die-hard prankster and Bon Jovi lover and eat 85% organic and 15% terrible junk food.

I absolutely THRIVE helping people and being the kind of cheerleader, village wise-woman, and connection facilitator that many of us have been needing and didn’t have in our own lives. I am here to fiercely and unapologetically love

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It's nice to be needed. It's even nicer to be Kneaded.